Interviewee : Nitya Saraswati
Writer: Sheila Abigail
Editor: Pandu Hutomo
Illustration: Nitya Saraswati

To do an internship is not merely to hasten graduation or gain practical experience, which in my opinion would only limit ourselves from seeing its true possibility. While we as interns surely want to learn more about the professional world, we are also first and foremost looking for growth.

Which brings to mind Nitya's experience during her internship in \\’. Her skills evolved through such a multifaceted process of which I had discovered that \\’ learning ecosystem played a big role. She grew through guidance instead of command, from feeling accepted, and by \\’ supporting her potential—even the most impulsive ones. I will try to summarize her experience through this interview.

Nitya, tell me about your experience during internship at \\'.
It was my very first time doing an internship. I was very excited even before the first day. At first, I just wanted to hone my design skills and make new friends, but, as soon as I entered \\’, the mentors were already very welcoming and warm. They refreshed me with new insights at every encounter. Even after I have finished my internship, I still feel like I'm at home whenever I visit \\’.  

I learned not only about work but also work-life balance. We made time to watch serials during lunchtime and played Monopoly Card Game after work. We work optimally, but also live our life blissfully. 

“Even after I have finished my internship, I still feel like I'm at home whenever I visit them.”

What were your activities during your internship at \\'?
In \\' we shared everything. Every week’s beginning, there was this Monday Morning Inspiration for us to share our new discovery from the weekend. It wasn't always about a project or design-related stuff, we could also share random inspirations. Regarding work, even though I was an intern, my mentors still involved me in the work process on projects or meetings with clients. In the last month of my internship, we had to complete the final project. 

Tell us more about the final project!
We had to find problems that are reachable for us to solve. At that time I had 3 ideas to solve which naturally related to me. Those ideas were raising mental health awareness to the younger generation, pottery craft art, and sustainable fashion. 

Due to several considerations—whether I could finish it before my internship ends—I chose the idea about mental health. I consider this topic really close to my heart and I love to discover more about it. They gave me a month to finish it.  

Well then, what did you do to find the most feasible solution?
Firstly, I self-reflected and asked myself  "what is it that has been helping me to deal with my mental health issue?". I used to feel depressed in the past, and I found that journaling helped me to release my stress. So I did some research to find out the role of journals in mental health issues. Turns out it is an important process to access professional help, as journals actually help them to draw up a more precise diagnosis. Unfortunately, not many people are already used to it, which poses a new challenge for their healing journey. Therefore, I designed a journal that could help people get used to journaling as a solution to the problem I raised for my final project.

Since you have finished the internship, will this project remain ongoing?
Yes! Even after I finished the presentation, I was even more excited about it. I feel like it has to be a real movement, you know?. Currently, I'm working on its social media and developing the content for this new journal. I’m at the stage of raising people's awareness and will keep it going so people will get used to it. I have experienced its benefits and I believe this can help many people, especially the young generation. Personally, this final project will also improve my design skills. As time went by I also realized there are so many possibilities for the upcoming final product out of this project—it is by means limited to only a book.

“Don't forget to empty your glass, we always have space to grow and learn new things—anywhere and with anyone.”

Last but not least, what advice would you give to the next interns?
For future t interns, don't forget to empty your glass, because we always have space to grow and learn new things—anywhere and with anyone. Continuously growing! I learned a lot both in design and other things in life during my internship at \\' that I will always carry with me. Always be curious! It's very important. Also, be sincere and don't forget to use your "Kokoro" a.k.a heart in carrying out any project because the results will have double positive influence both for people who observe your work and for yourself. Best of luck to all of you!

Sheila Abigail
Sheila has entered the professional industry for 2 years as a designer and branding strategist. She also has strong project management experience from her growing place at Mawar Sharon Christian Church. Her passion for strategy and project management has continuously evolved ever since. It becomes a perfect combination for her role as an Account Planner that also has a keen eye on design thinking. Aside from her professional experience, she has a strong passion for helping SMEs through branding. Partnering with PETRA she volunteered to build SMEs from scratch in Surabaya.