Writer:  Sisiana Pradita and ChatGPT
Editor: Lintang Subiyantoro
Illustration: Midjourney

March Fourth, a day to conceive as a homophone of the words “March Forth,” was born out of the countless tales of individuals giving up on their aspirations because of procrastination and lack of motivation. 

This unofficial holiday aims to inspire and support those in need to jumpstart their ambitions and pursue their dreams with vigor and enthusiasm. It is a coincidence that this day also presents an opportunity to encourage businesses to strive towards achieving greater societal good—which aligns with our purpose.

March fourth holds a particularly magnificent place in our hearts as it marks the day of our company’s official registration. It serves as a poignant reminder to continue marching forth toward fulfilling our purpose through the provisions of our services. Meanwhile, this day to remember calls for introspection and contemplation of our journey thus far—it is also an occasion that demands an expression of gratitude.

“Even after all this time, I am deeply grateful that the inception of Karsa, our internally rooted culture, was our very first heartbeat.”

In many instances, internal culture development is an afterthought. It often being crafted once the business is in operation or the team size has grown. While it is generally perceived as a natural facet of any business, whether consciously designed or not, it exists in one form or another. However, in our case, we recognize the indispensable role that internal culture plays in shaping our business operations and activities. It made us prioritize its establishment as the bedrock of our company from the outset.

The very nature of our business necessitated a purposeful approach to crafting our internal culture. Consequently, we devoted ourselves to designing it even before conceptualizing our company’s name, \\'. Remarkably, even when our team comprised a mere duo, we remained steadfast in our commitment to implementing our internal culture each day, and this noble practice persists to date.

At the onset of the year, as our burgeoning ecosystem continues to expand, we paused to reflect on Karsa during our annual town hall. It is accustomed to revisit Karsa and delve into its significance, pertinence, and potency in propelling us toward our goals. However, unlike prior years, we approached this year’s discussion with a few modifications in mind. What if the discourse on Karsa was not limited to the co-founders? What if we invite wider audiences, including partners and interns? What if we granted them equal opportunities to question any aspect of Karsa? Anything at all!

“We are playing with wild cards,” I mused upon hearing this idea. It was undoubtedly an invitation to shake the very foundation of our beliefs. The outcome of this discussion could either reinforce our adherence to Karsa or cast doubts about it. The latter possibility was a precarious risk for us. To make a long story short, we arrived at a crucial crossroads. While a robust internal culture is sustainable over time, we must also acknowledge that holding on to outdated values that no longer serve us is not Karsa.

Therefore, Karsa had to undergo this acid test to forge ahead with greater strength. This ritualistic modification was crucial to avoid complacency and to ensure that Karsa remains a living, breathing value rather than a rigid dogma. Karsa values open-mindedness, continuous learning, and bravery. Hence, we embraced this calculated risk as a way of embodying Karsa. It was a bold, conscious decision that remains acceptable within our internal culture.

Consider if there was a community of ten individuals living in unison with the ethos of Karsa. Would their presence improve or diminish their surroundings? The group convened to exchange their perspectives on their experiences with Karsa. Some participants examined each value, while others shared the effects of incorporating Karsa into their lives.

Upon reflection, we concluded that Karsa had influenced our professional demeanor and transformed our way of life. It urges us to shatter our preconceptions and propel ourselves towards personal development, constantly striving for betterment. The collective values of Karsa challenge us to establish higher personal standards, continuously elevating them at every opportunity. Most of us believe that we have the potential to achieve more significant growth and become the best version of ourselves. As we look back on our former selves, we realize we have undergone a gradual and perpetual evolution toward self-improvement.

As I observed the discussion, I burst into awe. Despite being mentally prepared for the worst-case scenario, the outcome surpassed my most optimistic expectations. What struck me the most was the unwavering belief in our ability to improve continuously, which filled me with a sense of relief and reinforced our shared purpose. I fervently hope that the benefits of Karsa will continue to guide us forward and be felt by fellowpreneurs in every project we undertake. Accordingly, this imperative sustains how we present our work in a comprehensive and insightful case study format. These will enable us to convey the good thoughts behind every brand to a larger audience and inspire other fellowpreneurs to build more brands with positive impact.

Reflecting on the journey thus far, I am grateful that Karsa, our deeply ingrained internal culture, was our very first heartbeat. For those who have read this far, \\' wish you to believe that every day presents a fresh opportunity to pursue your goals and better life’s purpose. Let’s march forth together, hand in hand, towards a better future!

Sisiana Pradita
Sisiana harnesses her multifaceted expertise to spearhead projects in collaboration with global and local clients. Before her tenure as Brand Strategist with \\’, she lent her insights to esteemed Business Consultant and WPP enterprises such as Ogilvy Public Relations, Bates Chi & Partners as an Account Planner, and Superunion as Brand Strategist. Transcending her background, Sisiana has effectively channeled over a decade of skill in field strategy, communication, and brand management acumen across a spectrum of 15+ business verticals and diverse consumer segments.